Pet Owners To Face Charges For Abandoning Animals During Irma

Sep 22, 2017

Palm Beach County animal care officers rescued more than 100 pets during Hurricane Irma.

Now law enforcement looking to hold some owners accountable.

Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control Capt. David Walesky said dozens of dogs were brought in and surrendered by people evacuating. Others were tied to cars, left in cages, or let loose in the community.

“There were hotels up and down the coast that were accepting animals,” Walesky said. “Right here in Palm Beach County, we had a pet friendly shelter that was open to these people and they had the option to go to it. They chose not to.”

PBCACC investigations have identified several cases the department will bring to the Palm Beach County State Attorney’s Office for criminal charges, according to Walesky.

State Attorney Dave Aronberg said his office will charge those owners with felony animal cruelty.

“There is no excuse for leaving your pet behind to die,” Aronberg said.