Power Outage Or Zombies In Palm Beach? It Was Both, According To Lake Worth Alert System

May 22, 2018

Was there a zombie apocalypse in the city of Lake Worth early Sunday morning and we all missed it?


But a system message that went out to Lake Worth residents about a brief power outage read: "Power outage and zombie alert for the residents of Lake Worth and Terminus." The latter city is fictional town in AMC's TV series, "The Walking Dead."

WPBF reports that city officials confirmed the alert came from the city, but said the message was altered -- they don't know who made the change nor how they did it, but they do not believe it was an employee or an ex-employee.

Ben Kerr, communications specialist for Lake Worth, addressed the alert in a message on Lake Worth Live's Facebook Page that was later taken down. He said the power issue was fixed in 27 minutes.