Scot Peterson: You Can’t Fault Me In Parkland Massacre When State Blames Scott Israel

Oct 30, 2019

Former Broward Deputy Scot Peterson can’t be held criminally responsible for failing to stop the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School because the state has already pinned the blame on his boss, ousted Sheriff Scott Israel, Peterson’s lawyers argued Tuesday.

In a motion asking Broward Circuit Judge Martin Fein to dismiss criminal charges against Peterson, his lawyers said the state can’t blame the vilified school resource officer for following training that was later deemed inadequate. The argument was first advanced by state Sen. Lauren Book, who voted against upholding Israel’s suspension.

“This is exactly what I warned against on the Senate floor," Book said Tuesday. "As a result of wrongfully removing the sheriff, the man second most culpable for the murder of 17 innocent individuals — a cowardly accomplice to murder — may walk free and receive his pension.”

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