Should Dolphin Fans Be Optimistic?

May 1, 2017

Late April is the only time football matters outside of the regular and post-seasons - It's the NFL draft, when teams try and make smart decisions, or try and look smart, and pick their future stars.

Every once in a while your team picks right and you get a player who goes on to have a great career. Rarely, though it happens, your team has a Hall-of-Famer land in their lap (i.e. Dan Marino who somehow landed at number 27 in the 1983 draft.) If you haven't seen the 30-for-30 Elway to Marino documentary, please watch

The 2017 NFL Draft is over and Dolphin fans have a lot to feel good about. I am not sure if we landed that once-in-a-lifetime pick who will make us great, but this team needed a lot of help on defense and that's what we got: a lot of defense.

The Dolphins expect defensive end Charles Harris, their first-round pick, to make a difference with his ability to rush the passer.
Credit Jeff Roberson AP / Miami Herald

Five of Miami's seven picks in this year's draft were defensive players. That's going to be a huge help. If anything, at least it gives the team depth in an area that was a real Achilles' heel last season. Remember the final two games of the season when Miami's D was running on fumes? They gave up 34 to Buffalo, then 35 to New England. And that doesn't include the 30 they gave up to Pittsburgh in the playoffs. (Wait, that's right, we were in the playoffs last season!)

Miami added two linebackers, two defensive tackles and a cornerback to try and strengthen the chinks in the armor.

John Devine, assistant sports editor at the Miami Herald, says fans should be optimistic. "What seems different this time is that the front office folks and the coaches are on the same page and doing what everyone believes is the best thing for the team."

So are you optimistic? How do you feel about this year's draft? What do you think of the talent that was added? Is this a team that can become a regular playoff team? Go on Twitter and tell me, should I be optimistic? Twitter@RadioLFH

Miami Dolphins 2017 Draft Class

Round 1 - Pick 22 - Charles Harris, DE, Missouri

Round 2 - Pick 54 - Raekwon McMillan, LB, Ohio State

Round 3 - Pick 97 - Cordrea Tankersley, CB, Clemson

Round 5 - Pick 164 - Isaac Asiata, G, Utah

Round 5 - Pick 178 - Davon Godchaux, DT, LSU

Round 6 - Pick 194 - Vincent Taylor, DT, Oklahoma State

Round 7 - Pick 237 - Isaiah Ford, WR, Virginia Tech