Three South Florida Counties Asked For Tax Hikes. Voters Said Yes.

Nov 6, 2018

South Florida voters passed a series of tax increases on their ballots.

Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade Counties asked for tax hikes to pay for public institutions and services. All of them got them:

  • PASSED: In Miami Dade, property taxes earmarked for schools will increase by 75 cents per every thousand dollars of property value. The schools superintendent promoted the measure as a way to increase teacher pay. It will also go towards hiring police officers.
  • PASSED: In Palm Beach County, the chunk of property taxes that goes to schools will go from $25 to $100 per $100 thousand of property value. The funds will go towards teacher pay as well as arts education and school safety measures.
  • PASSED: Broward County asked for a one percent sales tax to be earmarked for transportation projects like more rapid transit, better sidewalks and bike lanes, and improved traffic lights technology. The tax will last 30 years.