What Does Dating Look Like In The Time Of Coronavirus?

Mar 31, 2020

Love always finds a way.

Dating is dependent on people meeting in person, sharing quality time and physical touch. In the time of the coronavirus and social distancing, people are advised to keep six feet apart, but online dating apps and platforms are not off-limits. WLRN wants to know how you’re creating romantic sparks.

Maybe you’re relying on apps like Tinder, Bumble or Hinge. Then maybe you're logging onto NetflixParty and watching things online. Or meeting at a Pollo Tropical and grabbing take out together (still six feet apart) and eating in your cars, parked right next to each other with the windows rolled down.

If you’re dating in the time of COVID-19, we want to know what measures you’re taking to find love safely. Respond in our form below and a reporter may follow up.