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Shianne Salazar

Shianne Salazar

WLRN Freelancer

Shianne Salazar is a multimedia content creator especially interested in reporting on social issues surrounding minorities and women through the South Floridan gaze.

She got her start in radio as the creator and host of "Livin’ 4 The City," (yes, it's a very cute and clever nod to Stevie Wonder) a Black power music show on WVUM, the voice of the University of Miami- where she has obtained a bachelors degree in film production and journalism.

A Broward County native and lifelong fan of WLRN, her affection for reporting originated in the backseat of her mother’s Toyota Sequoia as Morning Edition scored the car ride to Pre-K each morning. She continued to nurture her interests in primary and secondary school through various on-campus publications and the esteemed elementary school morning announcements.

Shianne’s experience as a first-generation American of Trinidadian descent has greatly informed her approach to cultural studies especially within the unique societal ecosystem that is South Florida. Her love for audio entertainment, as discovered through her tenure at WVUM, has proven to be an ideal medium for her interests to coalesce.

In her spare time, Shianne enjoys writing fiction, taking photos, and consuming copious amounts of movies and television; all fueled by her devoted relationship with Café Bustelo con oat milk.

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