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Toxic Algae, A Coconut Grove Man Takes On France & A New Progressive News Source In Tallahassee

The Florida Phoenix
The Florida Phoenix was started by veteran journalists across the state of Florida to provide in-depth reporting on the key stories in the state capital. Florida Phoenix reporters, from left: CD Davidson-Hiers, Julie Hauserman, Mitch Perry, Diane Rado.

The Everglades Foundation is kicking off a campaign to include the Everglades Reservoir in this year’s federal Water Resources Development Act bill. The reservoir is designed to move water away from Lake Okeechobee and reduce the spread of the discharge causing the toxic algae blooms on both coasts. The announcement comes days after Governor Rick Scott declared a State of Emergencyas a result of the toxic algae blooms. Dr. Steven Davis is the chief ecologist at the Everglades Foundation. He joined Sundial to discuss the dangers of toxic algae. 

In 1994, Jean Noël-Frydman, a Coconut Grove local and native of France, purchased the France.com domain name for his business. The French emigree used the website initially as an information hub for French speakers living in the United States. Later, it evolved into a niche travel agency for those traveling to France. Twenty-four years later, France wanted the France.com domain name. WLRN ReporterPeter Haden joined Sundial to break down the complexities of this unique legal case that is currently playing out in South Florida courts.

And finally, Florida’s gubernatorial race is near: the primaries are about a month away. And now, a new media outlet has launched in Tallahassee to cover it. The progressive Florida Pheonix is made up of several seasoned, local journalists who wanted to take a different approach to their reporting. Instead of “chasing after more and more outrageous political reporting,” the outlet says their focus is on in-depth journalism and “covering politicians pursuing change that creates a more compassionate world.” Julie Hauserman, the Editor in Chief of Florida Phoenix, and reporter Mitch Perry‏, who spent nearly two decades writing for FloridaPolitics.com, joined Sundial to talk about their endeavor. They talk funding, how they differentiate themselves from existing capital media outlets, and how they’re covering the upcoming Florida gubernatorial election.