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Constitutional Amendments, Alyssa Milano And Seniors In Broward County

Stacy Goldate and Craig Colton
A meeting of the Democratic Club of the Wynmoor Retirement Community. Wynmoor is featured in the new documentary, "A Greater Society."

There are a dozen possible constitutional amendendments on the November ballot in Florida. A number of the measures are considered controversial and there's been public criticism over the bundling together of amendments. (For instance,  Amendment 9 bundles together the smoking of e-cigarettes indoors and ending the practice of offshore drilling.) Tim Cerio was a member of the Constitutional Revision Commission that crafted some of these amendments. He explained the reason behind bundling of amendments, the challenges three of them face in the Florida Supreme Court and reviewed several of the most crticial measures. 

Celebrity activist Alyssa Milano is a well-known figure within the #MeToo movement. She also has recently got involved in the anti gun violence movement led by some of the Parkland survivors.  Milano was a key speaker at the Actions for Change festival in Parkland and at a Ban Assault Weapons Now fundraising event. WLRN Reporter Jessica Bakeman spoke with Milano about her message to student activists involved in the gun control debate. Milano was also Sen. Dianne Feinstein's guest at the Brett Kavanaugh senate confirmation hearings. 

Broward County is in the midst of what experts are calling a "silver tsunami." In the next decade, tens of thousands of residents are expected to age into and past retirement within the county. WLRN Reporter Caitie Switalski examined a new report that details the challenges facing seniors in Broward including affordable housing, public transportation and more. 

And a new documentary examines the role one retriement community in Broward County is playing in shaping Florida's politics. "A Greater Society" follows the Wynmoor retirement community as residents conduct voter registration drives and host political candidates before the 2014 midterm elections. Directors Stacy Goldate and Craig Colton joined Sundial along with Minerva Salazar, a Wynmoor resident and one of the featured actors in the documentary. The Miami premier of the documentary will be October 17th at Filmgate Miami or you can watch it online. 


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