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Another Water Main Break, Another Boil Order In Fort Lauderdale

May 25, 2020
City of Fort Lauderdale

A water main break in Rio Vista forced city officials to send out a boil-water order to nearby properties on Sunday — one of four issued in neighborhoods around Fort Lauderdale in less than two weeks.

Fort Lauderdale plans to spend $600 million over the next five years fixing and replacing the city’s underground network of aging water and sewer pipes. The total tally will come to at least $1.4 billion over the next 20 years, experts say.

Daniel Rivero / WLRN

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Grand Bahama’s Water Quality 

Six months after Hurricane Dorian, the only fresh drinking water available in Grand Bahama is coming from relief groups. The Category 5 storm contaminated the drinking supply with saltwater. 

“Dorian didn’t just impact some of the wells. It impacted all of our wells and our plants,” Remington Wilchcombe, the manager of engineering at Grand Bahama Utility Company told WLRN’s Danny Rivero.

Pipe Breaks Still Haunting Fort Lauderdale. This Time It’s A Water Main.

Feb 10, 2020
Joe Cavaretta / Sun Sentinel

Residents in two Fort Lauderdale neighborhoods are being told to boil their tap water after yet another pipe break.

It’s the latest one to haunt Fort Lauderdale, a city scrambling to fix a crumbling network of underground water and sewer pipes after years of neglect.

This time, a water main ruptured under the south fork of the New River on Saturday, forcing the city to issue yet another boil-water order.

Broken Water Main Brings Flooding And Boil Water Notice To Victoria Park

Jan 16, 2020
Joe Cavaretta / South Florida Sun Sentinel

Crews in Fort Lauderdale are working to repair a pipe break for the seventh time in the last month — but at least this time it isn’t sewage flooding the streets.

A contractor working in the area of Northeast Fourth Street and Seventh Avenue struck a 12-inch water main on Wednesday afternoon, which sent water flooding the streets of Victoria Park.

The City of Fort Lauderdale issued a precautionary boil water notice effective immediately to the properties in Northeast Second Street to Northeast Fifth Street between Northeast Seventh Avenue and Northeast Ninth Avenue.

Susan Stocker / South Florida Sun Sentinel

Residents of the Rio Vista neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale woke up Wednesday to a much-anticipated holiday gift: The leak that has been pouring thousands of gallons of sewage every minute into the Tarpon River for more than two weeks has stopped.

City officials said that “during the overnight hours, crews were able to successfully activate a 36-inch bypass line. Sewage flow is now being diverted around the damaged section of the 54-inch pipe and is fully contained in the system.”


First it was raw sewage threatening the homes of Rio Vista, a neighborhood still recovering from a series of sewer line breaks. Now it’s flooding from an overnight deluge.

A stellar rainstorm soaked South Florida hours before dawn Monday. Several neighborhood streets flooded across the region, but the residents of Rio Vista worry the water might be tainted with toxic sewage.

Rain by the bucket fell from the sky, flooding a few homes and several cars.

Another Sewer Main Break In Rio Vista Neighborhood

Dec 20, 2019
South Florida Sun Sentinel

The plague of sewer main breaks in Fort Lauderdale continued Friday with word of another break in the Rio Vista neighborhood.

Shortly after 5 a.m. the city announced that a sewer main break happened near Virginia Young Park, 1000 SE Ninth Ave.

The location is just north of the Tarpon River. Another leak, that happened earlier this month, was to the south along Ponce De Leon Dr.

This is a developing story, so check back for updates.

Nancy Klingener / WLRN

The Keys get freshwater from the mainland — it's pumped in Florida City and sent down a pipeline all the way to Key West. In an emergency, they can make some freshwater. But the plant that does that is obsolete and in line for replacement.

Courtesy / Hallandale Beach

Hallandale Beach issued a boil-water order Tuesday night after a city contractor hit and broke a valve on a water main.

The precautionary notice covers a limited area of the city: from Southwest Fourth Street to Southwest Eighth Street between Dixie Highway and Southwest Second Avenue, as well as Peter Bluesten Park and the Hallandale Beach YMCA Family Center.

The boil water order will remain in effect at least through the Thanksgiving holiday. The earliest it will be lifted is Friday, depending on test results officials said.

Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department

“I have become the water and sewer system,” said Kevin Lynskey. “Apparently, I am the water and sewer system.”

This isn’t a statement of ego exactly. Rather, it is how Lynskey feels about the job he’s held for almost two years — director of the Miami-Dade County Water and Sewer System.

“At a certain point, as you take a new job, you become the human representative of everything that happened for 50 years,” he said.

water boil notice
Courtesy of the City of Fort Lauderdale / WLRN

As city crews worked on emergency repairs to a 16-inch water main under the New River, Fort Lauderdale issued a boil-water order for a section of downtown Monday afternoon.

The precautionary boil-water order came about 5:30 p.m., hours after the water main break.

Fort Lauderdale Water
The City of Fort Lauderdale / WLRN

The city of Fort Lauderdale issued a precautionary boil-water notice for the Las Olas Isles and Nurmi Isles neighborhoods late Thursday.

Precautionary notices are issued when there is a chance of bacteria entering the water system. 

Workers began emergency repairs at a broken water main at Las Olas Boulevard and San Marco Drive. Repairs are expected to last three to four hours into Thursday night. 


The yellow tinge to Fort Lauderdale’s drinking water won’t be going away anytime soon.

A proposed solution would be too expensive to operate and probably wouldn’t produce satisfactory results, officials said Wednesday. And anyway, the water is fine to drink despite the color.

But all things considered, it’s among the least of the problems the city faces when it comes to its water system.

The World Health Organization says there's not enough evidence to conclude that microplastics — which exist nearly everywhere in the environment and show up in drinking water — pose any risk to human health, but it cautions that more research is needed to draw firm conclusions.

South Florida Sun Sentinel

Boil-water notice issued for Lauderhill areas.

A boil-water notice was issued Sunday evening for parts of Lauderhill after Florida Power & Light Co. broke a water main.

Covered by the notice are the following areas: 2351-2551 NW 41st Avenue, 26th Street from State Road 7 to Northwest 42nd Avenue, and 2439-2701 State Road 7.

Read more at the Sun Sentinel.