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The City of Miami Beach and Miami-Dade County Public Schools' "STEAM Plus" pilot program, which stands for science, technology, engineering, art and math, is exposing students to the performing arts. The idea of STEAM Plus is to find ways in which the arts intersect with math and science programs. 

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A controversial state law aiming to attract more charter schools to Florida could soon transform public education options in Miami’s Liberty City neighborhood.

The national charter school network KIPP is asking for more than $23 million in state funding to establish five campuses in Liberty City, eventually serving about 2,800 students in grades K-12.

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The Miami-Dade County school board expects to consider by June a new plan for the management of the WLRN public radio and television stations, and the district’s superintendent is likely to recommend stronger oversight from an existing community advisory board or a newly created nonprofit.

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A new federal lawsuit accuses the Miami-Dade County school district of punishing a student for reporting alleged sexual assaults.

The National Women's Law Center filed the lawsuit Tuesday in a federal court in Miami on behalf of its client, identified as Jane Doe. The lawsuit says Jane was a 14-year-old student at Miami Carol City Senior High School in 2017 when she was allegedly sexually assaulted three times by older male peers in school bathrooms.

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A fresh redesign of the ‘Support Education’ specialty license plate was released Tuesday statewide.

It's the first update to the plate since it first launched 25 years ago. It now shows two children basking under palm trees, opening books and stretching out under a beachy sunset.

When a Florida resident purchases or renews this specialty tag, proceeds go directly back to support public schools and classrooms in the county where the tag is registered.

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DISCLOSURE: The author and editors of this article are employees of South Florida Public Media, the nonprofit that operates WLRN News.

The Miami-Dade County school board will soon take action that could determine the future of WLRN, South Florida's public radio and television stations, considering several options that include the unlikely but possible move of selling its broadcast license.

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A lobbying group that represents charter schools in Florida wants its members' teachers in Miami-Dade County to get pay raises with some of the money that will be generated from a new tax increase approved by voters last month.

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Students in hundreds of Miami-Dade schools spent two days without internet.

A construction crew cut a fiber optic cable that feeds Miami-Dade County Public Schools' main data center on Wednesday morning, crashing internet access for 300 sites, including a majority of schools and some administrative offices.

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It was a sunny South Florida morning but inside the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) for Miami-Dade County, in Doral, all everybody talked about was rain, devastating winds and storms.

A group of 40 sixth-graders from West Miami Middle School dashed between desks, coordinating emergency efforts during a simulation of what would happen during a category 4 hurricane.

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Miami is competing with New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles for teachers, superintendent Alberto Carvalho said Tuesday while trying to build support for a property tax increase.