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Wait, I-95 Has A Speed Limit?

Kenny Malone

I spent last Thursday, in the thick of afternoon rush hour, at the I-95 on-ramp just southwest of the Arsht Center. At around 4:30 p.m., the scene is one-half auto show, one-half salmon-spawning.

I walked from open window to open window hoping to confirm something I’ve always suspected: People don’t really know what the speed limit is on I-95. Even the people seconds away from driving on it.

In my completely unscientific survey, one driver answered 45 MPH. Two guessed 55 MPH. Two more said 65 MPH. And one young woman in a silver Audi most confidently responded: “75 MPH. Am I right?”

"You’re pretty far off," I told her.

"I’m talking about Broward."

Nope. (The highest any Florida speed limit can be is 70 MPH for now.)

Because of construction, there are currently sections of I-95 with 55 MPH limits that would typically be 60 MPH or 65 MPH.

If you follow the posted speed limit signs heading north, I-95 starts at 45 MPH coming off US1, switches to 55 MPH just south of downtown Miami, increases to 60 MPH just north of the S.R. 112 and then drops back to 55 MPH around the Golden Glades. (An FDOT engineer told me they’re looking into doing away with the drop back down to 55 MPH in Miami-Dade County.)

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