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I-95 Express Lanes Expanding To The North

Florida Department of Transportation

The Interstate 95 express lanes are advancing to the north. This week, workers began installing more plastic poles on northbound I-95, part of the “Phase 2” construction that will eventually extend the lanes into Broward County.

While the Florida Department of Transportation plans to expand both northbound and southbound express lanes to Davie Boulevard, the current construction is only on the northbound lanes and will stop at the Broward County line.

“Starting on Tuesday morning, those plastic poles are not going to end where they currently end,” says Tish Burgher, a spokeswoman for the 95 Express project. “[The poles] are going to continue to a point south of Ives Dairy Road.”

The northbound express lanes, which were installed in 2008, took users to the Golden Glades, up the flyover ramp, down the flyover ramp and then ended about a quarter mile before the exit to Miami Gardens Drive.

Beginning Tuesday, express lane riders who need to get off in time for Miami Gardens Drive cannot simply ride the lanes until they end. Instead, they’ll need to get off around 151st Street -- the same place they’d exit the express lanes if they wanted to take the Turnpike or 826.

The current expansion will continue through the week and extend the poles just south of Hallandale Beach Boulevard. There will be exits for both Ives Dairy Rd. and Hallandale Beach Boulevard. Burgher says southbound work will likely begin mid-June, and expansion across the Broward County line is expected to start some time this summer.

There will be limited lane closures  overnight this week as workers install the northbound plastic poles. Those will begin around nine o’clock at night and run until five in the morning.

Below, an FDOT map of the entire Phase 2 expansion.

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