Mar 31, 2018


with Lettuces, Redlands Chutney and Smoky Chipotle Mayo

©1996 All Rights Reserved by Norman Van Aken

Serves: 4 salads

For the quail and marinade:

3/4 Cup Picante Marinade

4 semi-boneless quail

Marinate the quail overnight in the marinade.  When you are ready to marinade pull the quail out and put the marinade in a pan to reduce over medium heat for 5-7 minutes  and strain (about 1/4 cup will remain).

Heat a grill or grill pan and cook the quail until just done (about 12 minutes turning from time to time).  When they are cool enough to handle cut them up off the bones into a small dice and put the meat in a bowl with the reduced marinade. (May be made ahead and chilled.)

For the vinaigrette and the greens:

1/4 Cup Spanish sherry wine vinegar

1 Tablespoon balsamic vinegar

3/4 Cup Virgin olive oil

1/4 Cup Extra Virgin olive oil

8 sage leaves, stem discarded, sage minced

freshly cracked black pepper and sea salt, to taste

4 small single handfuls of cleaned and spun dry lettuces

Whisk the vinegars, olive oil, sage and salt and pepper together in a medium sized bowl and chill until needed.

For the dish:

3 blue corn tortillas (or yellow), cut into quarters

a small amount of peanut oil, to fry the tortillas in

2/3 cup prepared Redlands Chutney or another fruit chutney

4 Tablespoons Chipotle Mayo

When ready to serve re-warm the quail right in the marinade in a small non-stick pan and keep warm.

Fry the tortillas in 3 batches in the peanut oil. Remove them to absorbent toweling. Keep them warm.

Spoon equal amounts of quail on to four of the tortilla quarters. Now stack them each 2 levels high and top them with the remaining tortillas.

Place them on the center of four room temperature plates.

Cut the prepared lettuces into a chiffonade and dress them with just enough of the vinaigrette to coat them. Mound the lettuces in a high arch over the middle of the tortillas.

Drizzle the plate with some of the chipotle mayo and dollops of the chutney. Serve.

~Diced avocado and tiny tomatoes are great scattered around the base of the tortilla stack also.

~ This marinade is great for a simple grilled quail dinner just marinate over night in the same amount of marinade and allow two quail per person.

~ Chicken or duck breasts can replace the quail with excellent results