This Is What It Sounds Like To Be In A Category 5 Hurricane

Sep 4, 2013

We're now more than halfway through the Atlantic hurricane season and -- knock on wood -- no Atlantic hurricanes yet. Depending on how long this continues, 2013 stands a chance of setting a record for "Latest First Atlantic Hurricane" in history.

Of course, you need look back just 21 years for a parable of false security. The 1992 hurricane season went almost three months before a named storm showed up (i.e. three months without a single tropical storm). That first storm wound up being Hurricane Andrew. On August 24th the storm made landfall with sustained wind speeds of 165 mph, making Andrew the last category five hurricane to hit the continental United States.

Here's a clip of what it sounded like to be in Hurricane Andrew. The piece combines first-hand accounts with audio recorded 21 years ago, during Hurricane Andrew.

This is an excerpt from a documentary by WLRN-Miami Herald News to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Hurricane Andrew.

Listen to the complete documentary, "Remembering Andrew."