Willing To Defend A School From A Shooter? Broward School Board Wants To Hire You

Jun 27, 2018

Running out of time — and short on cash — the Broward County school district is looking to hire armed guards instead of sworn law enforcement officers to protect schools to comply with a new state law.

Over the past few weeks, the Broward County School Board has amended its policies to make way for non-sworn personnel to carry weapons on campuses. The board will inch closer to making it official by considering advertising the position for the "armed safe school officer" at a 10 a.m board meeting Tuesday.

New state law requires an armed guard at every school, and although the law allows for school staff who aren't exclusively classroom teachers to carry weapons, Broward created the role specifically for protecting students, staff and visitors against active threats. The job description calls for using "the appropriate level of force to stop, disrupt or eliminate physical threats to students, staff and visitors on school property" as well as "use and care for firearms (and) communications equipment."

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