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If Your Ballot Envelope Comes Sealed

What to do if your mail-in ballot's envelope comes sealed?

Voting by mail is generally pretty straightforward.You request a ballot,fill in your choices, sign the envelope provided, then mail it back.

But what if the envelope arrives already sealed? It’s a common problem in this very humid part of the country, according to Lee County Supervisor of Elections Tommy Doyle. Fortunately, the solution is simple.

If your mail-in ballot arrives presealed, Doyle says to slit open the envelope and insert your ballot. You should initial the top of the envelope and seal it with clear tape.

The most important thing is that you sign your ballot at the red x before returning it.

It’s your signature that verifies your mail-in ballot; not whether or not your envelope has been sealed.

For more information, go to lee.vote or consult your county’s supervisor of elections website.

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Cary Barbor
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