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Palm Beach County infrastructure update, and what’s funny to Paula Poundstone

Paula Poundstone poses for a photo while lying on a stool

Billions of federal dollars are coming to Florida. Plus, how Paula Poundstone went from riding a Greyhound bus across the country to the well-known comedian she is today.

On this Wednesday, Dec. 8, edition of Sundial:

Palm Beach County infrastructure update

Florida will be getting billions from the federal program known as the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

So cities across the state are already making their Christmas list, of sorts, of much-needed capital for important projects.

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In Lake Worth Beach, for example, there’s a great need for some big water projects. WLRN’s Palm Beach County reporter Wilkine Brutus has been following this story.

Find more of his reporting from around the county here.

Palm Beach County news update
This is one area within the Lake Worth Water Treatment Plant, located on at 301 College Street in Lake Worth Beach.

What’s funny to Paula Poundstone 

A voice that might be familiar to NPR listeners joined Sundial — the comedy genius Paula Poundstone.

Poundstone is in South Florida to perform at The Parker in Fort Lauderdale Thursday, Dec. 9. We spoke with her recently to talk about the state of comedy.

"I love having the chance to talk about Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me! because I like to clear up a certain misconception that the audience has. Yes, I'm trying to win. A lot of people think I throw the match intentionally. No, I'm trying very hard to win. I'm just not that good," she joked.

Poundstone talked about the freedom she has doing her own podcast, Nobody Listens To Paula Poundstone and how she is not bothered that it feels like almost everyone on planet Earth has their own podcast. She said she likes doing more character work and interviews of her own.

"I get to use muscles that I don't usually use. And that has been really, really fun," she said. "Normally you get hired to be spontaneous and people tell you what to say, while you're being spontaneous. You know, everybody likes to tell you what to do."

She also talked with Sundial host Luis Hernandez about when to get political and when social media can be useful for her act.

"There are times where I feel like I should say nothing about politics and give people a night of just sort of really thoughtless laughter," she said, even though she admits to weighing in on politics quite a bit.

"I think in the world in general, we would be a lot better off without social media for all sorts of reasons. Having said that, I use Twitter a lot. Every now and then there's something that I can remember that I posted on Twitter that I can say on stage. But for the most part, they're two different things to me," she said.

What’s funny to Paula Poundstone

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