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Redistricting update, saving the Everglades, Henry Flagler’s historic maps discovered in unlikely place


On this Tuesday, January 25, edition of Sundial:

Redistricting update

Congressional maps are redrawn every 10 years and 2022 happens to be one of those years. The Florida legislature is drawing and redrawing maps these days.

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New maps are supposed to make it so that populations are accurately represented in elections. Parties use this process to try to strengthen their political power for the next decade, at least.

POLITICO Florida’s Bureau Chief Matt Dixon joined Sundial to discuss what you should know about this process. Find more of his reporting here.

Redistricting update

Saving the Everglades

The Biden administration recently announced a plan to help restore the Everglades.

It includes $1.1 billion in spending money for things like removing levees, filling in canals, storing freshwater, and constructing other projects to help restore original water flows and help the wildlife.

Is that money enough? And are the Everglades even salvagable at this point?

Eve Samples, the Executive Director of Friends of the Everglades, joined Sundial to discuss what impact this money could have on the state’s environment.

Saving the Everglades

Henry Flagler’s historic maps discovered in unlikely place

Do you know what’s in your attic? There could be treasure up there.

That’s what happened when someone found a series of rolled-up pages a few years ago. They almost tossed them. But, they took the pages to someone who later found those were important.

It turns out those rolled-up pages being kept next to magazines and seashells were the original blueprints of Henry Flagler’s railroad to Key West.

The January pick for the Sundial Book Club is ‘Last Train to Paradise’ by Les Standiford, and it’s the story of Flagler’s effort to build the railway to Key West.

The blueprints are now in the special collection at the University of Miami. Cristina Favretto, the head of special collections at the university joined Sundial to discuss these discovered historic artifacts.

Henry Flagler’s historic maps discovered in unlikely place

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