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The Most Adorable Complaint Ever And Other Highlights From Our Pop-Up Complaints Booth

Diego Saldana-Rojas

We have heard your complaints. And they are hilarious -- especially this one from a little girl from Toronto who had thoughts on spiders... and the city's mayor:

Over the weekend we installed a popup complaints booth at the WolfsonianFIU to coincide with the Power of Design Festival (co-presented by WLRN) centered on the theme of complaints. The concept was simple: Step inside our sound-resistant kiosk, speak into the microphone and gripe.

“We kindly ask that you cease to be pleasant,” read the first instruction inside the booth. If even for a moment, we wanted to give people permission to be dissatisfied and find their inner whiner.

Those with impromptu grievances were free to let ‘em fly. Most memorable were the following anatomical complaints:

Out-of-towners Ted and Lisa come to South Beach and find very different things to complain about.

For the surprisingly large number of people who claimed to be without complaint, we included a complaints generator. A computer program designed by the incomparable Rebekah Monson randomly generated one of 144 complaint starters – things like, “It really gets my goat that Miami drivers…,” “I find it mildly annoying that kids these days…” and “I lose my faith in a higher power when people on cell phones…”

The “parents these days…” prompt was among the most popular. Here’s a mash-up of those complaints.

You want to know what's wrong with parents these days? Here are a few suggestions.

Our most prolific complainer was Aaron Glickman, who spent no less than six minutes and 45 seconds complaining about pretty much everything there was to complain about. Seriously. Almost everything.

There were only 12 different complaint topics built into the complaint generator. Glickman weighed in on nine of them. He is the marathon runner of complainers, and here are his highlights:

Grand champion of complaints, Aaron Glickman.