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These Are Some Of Our Favorite Books (And Authors)

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As the year winds down, some of us find ourselves with some extra time off and maybe a little more time to read over the next few days. So we asked Miami Herald book editor Connie Ogle to tell us about some of her favorite books of 2014.

The Herald put together a top 10 list. Click here to see it.

Ogle warns us to take it with a grain of salt -- there are way too many books and much too little time to read everything worthwhile published this year. But the list is a good place to start. 

We also talked about a few books we're looking forward to in 2015:

February: "Funny Girl" is the first novel in five years by Nick Hornby, the English author best known for "High Fidelity" and "About a Boy." It hinges on a fictional sitcom called "Barbara (and Jim)." 

April: Toni Morrison's 11th novel, "God Help the Children," is about a beautiful black woman named Bride, her withholding light-skinned mother and a lie that ruins an innocent woman's life. Ogle says, "Any time Toni Morrison publishes a book it's time to sit up and take notice."

June: "In the Unlikely Event" is Judy Blume's first book for grownups in 16 years. It centers on a series of plane crashes in the early 1950s in Elizabeth, N.J., where Blume grew up (minus the two seasons she lived in Miami Beach). 

Fall: John Irving told fans about his new novel in a Dec. 19 post on Facebook: "Dear Readers: I have finished 'Avenue of Mysteries.' It is a shorter novel for me, comparable in length to 'In One Person.' If everything remains on schedule, the English-language editions should be published in fall 2015. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. J.I."

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