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What Everyone Is Reading March 23-29

Courtesy Of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints

What's more adorable than a little girl complaining about spiders and her mayor? Nothing. Which is why you decided it would be our top story this week. Honorable mentions include: South Florida's first Mormon temple and Obamacare concerns.

Listen To An Adorable Little Girl Complain About Mayor Rob Ford... And Spiders: At the first annual Power of Design Festival at the Wolfsonian, we set up a pop-up complaints booth. Some of you complained about I-95, bad parenting, and back pain. One young Toronto native wanted to make it clear she does not like spiders or her mayor Rob Ford. Listen to her rant below.

Take A Photo Tour Of South Florida's First Mormon Temple: The temple will serve Mormons who, prior to the Davie location's opening, had to travel to Orlando for marriages, baptisms and voluntary pilgrimages.

Obamacare Deadline Is Today. Here's What You Need To Know: Uninsured? Already covered by your employer? Own a business yourself? Almost all your questions about the Affordable Care Act answered . 

The Most Adorable Complaint Ever And Other Highlights From Our Pop-Up Complaints Booth: A post so nice it made it twice -- sort of. This is the full version of this week’s top post. Click below to hear one man complain about just about everything.

Credit Maria Murriel / WLRN

Brew Askew: The Beer Business In South Florida: Sunny days and cold beer complement each other nicely. But for locals trying to brew and sell their own beer, the bureaucracy involved is more complex than the brewing process itself.