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Rapper Rick Ross Celebrates Milestone With Concert at Port Of Miami

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Port of Miami, a rap music record by Miami native Rick Ross, went platinum with more than one million dollars in sales just before the 10th anniversary of its release.

It’s been 10 years since the rapper Rick Ross debuted his album Port of Miami. To commemorate the album’s release, the rapper says he is holding a concert at the port itself.

The debut record for Miami native and rapper Rick Ross went platinum at the end of July, just before the anniversary.

Ryan Pfeffer is the music editor at Miami New Times who was with Ross when he celebrated a decade of Miami rap. It was one single from the album that launched Ross, Pfeffer said.

“There hadn’t been a rap song like Hustlin yet. It was just grand and luxurious and ferocious…” he said.

Ross announced in the Rolling Stone that he will perform at his largest concert yet on Aug. 29 on a shipping container at the Port of Miami, as an homage to the city that inspired the music.

Yet, Pfeffer said, working with the Port and city to set up a concert like this might not come together logistically, due to security liabilities, questions about where people would park, what they would pay, etc.

“Paying a parking ticket is hard enough, planning a concert at the Port of Miami in a month? Seems like a very big undertaking,” Pfeffer said. “They are nonetheless confident that this concert is going to happen, and I think at this point if it doesn’t, it’s going to be a massive embarrassment.”

The Port says there has never been a concert at the venue...yet anyway.

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