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The 2016 youth radio crew in the WLRN studios.00000173-d94c-dc06-a17f-ddddb4ba0000WLRN’s youth radio program mentors and trains student interns through the process of producing professional news features for radio broadcast. This includes formulating a story pitch, reporting, research, identifying and interviewing sources, writing for radio, and mixing basic audio elements.In addition to producing their own stories, interns learn the fundamentals of journalism in a working newsroom from professionals in the fields of radio, print, photography and digital journalism. Interns learn about finding stories, reporting with accuracy and fairness, and how to be a critical news consumer.This website showcases their work over the course of the summer internship.WLRN Youth Radio Institute is part of Urgent, Inc.’s FACE Summer Youth Training Employment Program, which provides hands-on real world training for youth between the ages of 16-24. The program affords interns the opportunity to advance their professional skills to individuals who might not otherwise get the opportunity.

WLRN Youth Radio: When Gentrification Happened To Me

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The old Rainbow building, that was demolished about a year ago.

Miami changes very quickly. The city has only existed for little more than  a century and seems to constantly reinvent itself every decade.

But change can disrupt communities that have weathered those changes for a long time. The neighborhood of Overtown, in particular, has been in the middle of a lot of these changes over the years.

Jam’Mesha Briggs grew up in Overtown, went to school in Overtown and was surrounded by family who lived in Overtown. One day she had to move out.

She tells her story about what it’s like to be on the receiving end of gentrification.

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WLRN's youth radio program is a partnership with Urgent, Inc.’s FACE program.