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Irma Expected To Become A Major Hurricane This Weekend

Tropical Storm Irma intensified steadily overnight and is now expected to become a Major Hurricane this weekend over the central Atlantic.

Jeff Huffman, Meteorologist from the Florida Public Radio Emergency Network, indicated that it's not clear yet if the storm will hit Florida. 

"I think it will be at least this weekend before we can get a good handle on Irma's path as it relates to the U.S.," said Huffman.  "The forecast is pretty clear cut over the next five to seven days, but the steering currents that would guide it beyond then are quite complex."

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Huffman said another couple of rounds of heavy rain are likely today in South Florida as the remnant moisture from Harvey continues to move through.

Also in the tropics, a new disturbance in the Gulf is being monitored for possible development, but Jeff says it is unlikely to be a significant threat.

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