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A Parade Of Tropical Systems Remain Out In The Atlantic; One Increases Our Weekend Rain Chances

National Hurricane Center

We’ve reached the statistical peak of the hurricane season, with Tuesday marking the day a tropical cyclone was most likely to be in the Atlantic. And there has been no shortage of activity — with the presence of Tropical Storm Gabrielle and a few other systems.

The regenerated Tropical Storm Gabrielle was spinning far out in the Atlantic, more than 700 miles west of the Azores, zipping northward at about 25 mph on Tuesday. But Gabrielle, weakening over cooler waters, was expected to diminish to an extratropical cyclone later today.

Closer to South Florida, but still far away in the eastern Atlantic, was a system of disorganized clouds and showers that were moving west-northwest in the general direction of the Bahamas. This so-called Disturbance 2 was being met by strong upper-level winds, which were expected to inhibit its development over the next couple of days.

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