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Elections Supervisor Apologizes For ‘Scary’ Letter Mailed To Voters

Ray Stepnowski
The Broward elections office says voters should have received a request for information postcard, not this final notice threatening to designate them an inactive voter.

Broward’s supervisor of elections says he didn’t mean to scare 146,000 people who received “final notices” from his office threatening to designate them as an “inactive voter.”

After receiving complaints from several voters who questioned why they were receiving the notices — they vote regularly and have not changed their address in years — Supervisor Pete Antonacci said Wednesday he’s going to apologize to all who got the mailer.

“We had voters receive this notice from us that is in fact a little bit scary,” Antonacci said. “It’s our plan to send them another postcard, first class, that certainly expresses my apologies and regrets for aggravating them.”

Read more at the Sun Sentinel.

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