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Voters Face Monday Registration Deadline

Voters in Florida face a Monday, July 20th deadline to register to vote in next month’s Primary Election.

The August 18th ballot will include partisan primary races for several Congressional and legislative seats.

Additionally, citizens will cast ballots in numerous local contests, many of which are nonpartisan.

In addition to new Florida voters, those wanting to switch their political party affiliation must also make changes by Monday.

For partisan contests, only those registered as Democrats or Republicans will be able to cast ballots.

Those affiliated with minor parties or no party affiliation can vote in non-partisan races or contests where all candidates are from the same party.

Leon County Supervisor of Elections Mark Earley says it can be confusing to know which contests you are eligible to vote for.

“There is a lot of thought out there and misconception that since it is a primary election, only Democrats and Republicans are allowed to vote. That is absolutely not true. There are lots of races that are for everybody. There are county commissioner races and city commission races. Those are all non-partisan in nature and those will be on the ballot.”

Address changes for those already registered in Florida can be handled up to the day of the election.

Statewide voter turnout during the 2018 primary election was just 27 percent.

To sign up to vote or to update your existing registration, visit www.RegisterToVoteFlorida.gov.

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