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The Sundial Book Club wants to hear from you

Welcome to the Sundial Book Club! We created this online community to read, share and discuss books and characters that are unique to South Florida.

We’re on a hiatus but we want to hear from you!

What has been your favorite Sundial Book Club pick? Your favorite author conversation?

What books made your summer reading list this year?

Send us your thoughts via email at sundial@wlrnnews.org or text us at 786-677-0767

You can join our book club here.

Here's how our club works:

On the first Tuesday of each month, we announce the book we're reading. We then continue the discussion throughout the month on our Facebook group as we read the book.

The third week of the month, we'll interview the author (or experts familiar with the book). And shortly after, we'll have a conversation where we talk with panelists (this could be you!) about what we read and what else we're reading.

WLRN and WLRN Sundial are not endorsing or financially supporting any of these books, publishers or authors. This group is meant to foster insightful conversations and provide a place to explore topics related to the literature we're reading.

Have a suggestion for a book? You can email us.

Our Past Book Club Conversations:

July 2022: 'The Everglades: River of Grass' takes a look back on the way forward to restoration

June 2022: Stories of the intense and intertwined history between the U.S. and Cuba

May 2022: 'Hotel Scarface': drugs, disco, and debauchery

April 2022: From the civil rights movement to the Cuban Missile Crisis, newspaper editor Bill Baggs’ life and legacy

March 2022: ‘Secret Identity’: Miami crime noir, 1970s New York and comic book adventure

February 2022: 'Stiltsville': Finding love in the middle of nowhere

January 2022: ‘Last Train to Paradise’: the story of the Overseas Railroad to Key West

October 2021: Carl Hiaasen's timely and satirical novel, ‘Squeeze Me’

June 2021: Lucy Burdette's Mysterious 'Key Lime Crime'

May 2021: 'Of Women And Salt' From Cuban Cigar Factories To Immigration Detention Centers

March 2021: A Forgotten Star: The Untold Story Of Cuban Actress Estelita Rodriguez

February 2021: Karen Russell's Haunting And Dreamlike 'Swamplandia!'

January 2021: Susan Orlean Revisits 'The Orchid Thief' 20 Years Later

September 2020: Resilience In the Eye Of The Storm In 'Last Train to Key West'

August 2020: 'Black Widow' And A Conversation About Finding Humor In The Grieving Process

July 2020: 'The Nation Is Paying Attention': A Conversation About 'Black Miami in the 20th Century'

March 2020: The Memoir 'Ordinary Girls' Takes Readers To Puerto Rico And Miami Beach In The 1980s

February 2020: A Hunter, A Vet And Schoolchildren: 'Cat Tale' Explores Characters That Saved The Florida Panther

January 2020: 'Mothers Of Sparta' Explores Motherhood, Relationships And Raising An Autistic Child In Florida

November 2019: Haitian-American Edwidge Danticat's New Collection of Stories Explores 'Gap Between Life And Death'

October 2019: Sister Duo Brings Haiti's History To Life In Their Debut YA Novel 'Dear Haiti, Love Alaine'

September 2019: Comic Book Writer By Day And Crime Fiction Novelist By Night: Alex Segura On His 'Maybe' Last Book

August 2019: Beer, Sex And Taxidermy. Kristen Arnett's Debut Novel Creates A Vivid View of Central Florida Life.

July 2019: Journalist Tamara Lush's Latest Book Brings Steamy Romance To The Newspaper Industry

June 2019: Friends Of The Everglades' New Director & A Convo With Widow Of Author Charles Willeford

May 2019: A Brutal Haitian Regime Inspired Fabienne Josaphat's First Novel

April 2019: 'It's Like a Russian Doll' New Memoir Explores Growing Up in Boca Raton As a Queer Multiracial Woman

March 2019: Zora Neale Hurston Put The Central Florida Town Of Eatonville On The Map

February 2019: Exploring The Significant Role Jews Played In Shaping Modern Day Key West

January 2019: Miami Dade College Professor's Book Explores Sexual Relationships In Context Of The Church

November 2018: Author of 'Southernmost' Discusses Setting His Novel In Key West

October 2018: Sundial's October Book Club Pick Explores Trauma And Exile In South Florida

September 2018: Miami Native Author Finds Roots In Her Pineapple Tights & Carries Them To Professorship In Nebraska

Leslie Ovalle Atkinson is the former lead producer behind Sundial. As a multimedia producer, she also worked on visual and digital storytelling.
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