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Broward School District Says All Teachers Must Return To The Classroom. They’re Suing

Runcie online learning Emily Michot Miami Herald.jpeg
Emily Michot/Miami Herald

The union representing Broward County public school teachers filed a lawsuit Thursday against the school district seeking to prevent it from forcing all staff now working remotely because of COVID-19 to return to the physical classroom Monday.

The union argues that many of these employees have serious health issues that make them particularly vulnerable to the novel coronavirus, and the district — by forcing them to return to the workplace — is making them “choose between their lives and their livelihoods.”

When schools reopened to face-to-face learning in October, the district granted COVID-19 health-related accommodations allowing teachers and non-instructional staff to work from home to approximately 1,700 workers. That’s more than any district in the state, it says.

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