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Andy Wagner

Andy Wagner

Afternoon Host

A native of Bristol, in the South West of England, Andy has lived and worked in Germany, Spain, Cyprus and Russia, as well as spending 10 years with the BBC World Service Radio in London.

It was a 3 month assignment for the BBC that brought him to Miami in 1999.

"I love to travel," says Andy, "and I intended to use Miami as a jumping off point for the Caribbean, Central and South America, instead, I ended up staying!"

Andy likens the NPR/PRI ethos to the closest the US has to a brand of journalistic integrity, balance and depth that he was used to. So WLRN was an obvious choice when he decided to leave the BBC and remain in North America. "I've grown to appreciate the NPR "style" of news presentation, and am being given a chance to expand my radio experience and do something I hadn't done before - namely on air presentation."

A keen swimmer and cook, Andy also enjoys music, cinema, and is an avid reader when not following the ups and downs of soccer team Leeds Utd.

In previous (life) times he has been a telephone engineer in the British Army, a factory worker, a Greenpeace activist, a gardener, and a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language. He has also made countless appearances on CCTV.

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