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Sundial: Fighting gentrification even in death

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Carl Juste
Courtesy of the Miami Herald
The historically Black cemetery Lincoln Memorial Park is the centerpiece of an upcoming exhibition curated by Carl Juste and the Wolfsonian Public Humanities Lab.

Carl Juste has been capturing Miami through his camera lens for more than 30 years.

He’s been on the frontlines of South Florida’s history, photographing major moments that shaped and changed us. From Hurricane Andrew in 1992 to the Black Lives Matter protests.

And he uses his personal photo studio in Little Haiti as a public space to host insightful conversations on topics that matter to our community. Carl comes from a long line of activists. His dad, Viter, is one of the founders of Little Haiti and even coined the name.

Big shoes to fill. But Carl continues the tradition.

He’s opening up his studio tomorrow and Saturday leading up to Martin Luther King Jr. Day, hosting a series of public events to invite discussion at IPC ArtSpace in Little Haiti.

On the Jan. 12 episode of Sundial, we’re joined by Carl and the co-director of this project — Rebecca Friedman of Florida International University’s Wolfsonian Public Humanities Lab.

They’re working together on a forthcoming exhibition called 'A Call to the Ancestors.' It focuses on a historically Black cemetery in Brownsville to explore the rituals many of Miami’s communities practice to mark the transition from life to death.

Carl’s working with FIU to bring in some big names, like columnist Leonard Pitts and a curator with the Smithsonian Museum of African American History. They’ll tackle big topics like inequities in Miami’s Black neighborhoods and how climate change affects these communities disproportionately.

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On Sundial's previous episode, filmmaker Rico James told us about the life of Scott Patterson, a Wynwood street artist who went by the name "Nobody." Rico’s documentary Nobody Was Here looks at Nobody’s mark on Wynwood’s street artist community before and after his death in 2016.

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