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Anguish and Activism: Listen To The Students of Stoneman Douglas High

Teresa Frontado
Stoneman Douglas students Emma Gonzalez, Chris Grady, Ryan Deitsch and Kirsten McConnell.

The grief and mourning continue for the 17 dead students and staff killed in last week’s mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland. But something else is happening among the anguish of the interrupted lives of the victims and survivors. Out of the agony — activism.


Students at Stoneman have stepped directly into the debate over gun control in ways no school shooting survivors have in the past.

WLRN News spoke with a group of Stoneman Douglas students leading efforts calling for change during a special program --  -- Anguish and Activism: The Students of Stoneman Douglas.  Emma Gonzalez, and 18-years-old Senior; Ryan Deitsch, also 18 and a Senior; Chris Grady, a 19-years-old Senior and Kirsten McConnell, a 17-years-old Junior, shared the reason why they decided to take center stage and their dreams and hopes for the #NeverAgainMSD movement. 


After the show, the students continued the conversation on a Facebook Live, where they shared more insights and information on how to get more information about the #NeverAgainMSD movement. You can watch it here:


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