Broward County Urges Residents To Prepare For Storms

Jun 7, 2019

Broward County wants residents to be ready for the next big storm.

The county's emergency site,, has public safety information that can help during an emergency.

Tracy Jackson is the director of regional emergency services and communications for Broward County. He says his team learned from Hurricane Irma in 2017 and being prepared is the first step for staying safe during a storm.

“What they should be doing is going on our website, or any website and finding lists that are pre-printed there for their help; going through the list and actually paying attention to everything on the list, making sure that they and their family are going to be safe in the event an announcement is made for an incoming storm,” he said.

The site includes links to a list of shelters and even shows which are open and pet-friendly.

Disabled and elderly residents who require medical attention can also pre-register to be taken to a shelter before a storm hits.

Jackson also stressed the importance of obeying  evacuation orders and curfew. Curfews are set based on damage and power loss an area receives, he said. Law enforcement also weighs in.

For Jackson, it all comes down to safety.

“Going where they don’t belong or trying to get back into a neighborhood or trying to go around a barricade, people are dying,” he said.

Most of the deaths during a hurricane come from water-related incidents. Storm surge, downed power lines and driving in the water are all causes of deaths during and after storms.

People living inland also need to be alert. Once land becomes saturated, Jackson said, the water has nowhere to go. This causes flooding in neighborhoods that are far from the coast.

“We are all aware of how much water can be dumped in a short amount of time,” he said.

Jackson said the center is going by the old Florida saying, “Hide from the wind; run from the water.”