Displacing Overtown Residents To Make Up For Rupture I-95 Caused

May 30, 2014

Benjamin Brown, 80, sits in the living room of his family home a week before movers arrived to pack his belongings and move him out. Brown’s last day in his home was April 28.
Credit Emily Michot / Miami Herald

At times, the two-story white house with bright blue shutters and columns that seem to reach for the sky was mistaken for a church in Miami's Overtown neighborhood.

But for 80-year-old Benjamin Brown, the property that had been in his family since 1917 always meant just one thing: home.

Now it's empty, bought up by the Florida Department of Transportation to make room for an expansion of the highway that, for years, has rumbled with traffic a few feet from his backyard. One day soon, the shell of the house will crumble under the assault of heavy machinery, and the hard-earned legacy of Brown’s Bahamian immigrant mother will be erased forever.

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