Gov. Rick Scott's Stock In Oil Company Angers Environmentalists

Jun 17, 2014

Credit User: MrX / Creative Commons

A few environmental groups in Florida want Gov. Rick Scott out of office due to his involvement in oil stocks.

Scott has a growing stock in an oil company involved in drilling in Collier County, and in 2011 he invested $135,000 in Schlumberger Limited, one of the biggest oil service companies in the world.  

Schlumberger Limited is involved in drilling near the Everglades. Environmental groups including the Sierra Club oppose the drilling.

Joe Mulé is the director for Preserve Our Paradise, an environmental group in Collier County. He says this news is just the icing on top of the cake.

“He has shown no regard for the people in the community, or the safety of the environment and the water, so we are just disgusted,” Mulé says.  

He says even if the governor sells his stock, the damage has already been done: “We just want to see Governor Rick Scott not re-elected."

The Associated Press reported that Scott invested in a blind trust three years ago. His stock in the oil company was made by an external brokerage firm, C.L. King & Associates, which manages his accounts.  

Scott said in a statement Sunday that all oil companies must follow Florida’s environmental regulations, regardless of who operates them.