Miami's Poor Not So Segregated

Mar 25, 2014

Miami turns out to be one of the least segregated metro areas in the country.
Credit Illustration: Wilson Sayre, Photo: Flickr user Quinn Dombrowski

Out of 51 large metro areas examined by The Atlantic Cities, Miami ranks 46th most segregated  by poverty. In other words, the city made the study's "least segregated" list.

The Atlantic Cities looked at 2010 Census data to determine if the poor were concentrated in pockets or sprinkled around a city. The study mentioned Miami's abundance of service-industry jobs as a possible explanation for the level of segregation of the poor.

The study found the most segregated cities were in the Northeast and the fewest were in the Sunbelt and West.

Its number crunching also reveals only a small relationship between income inequality and poverty segregation.

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