Senator: 'There Is Clearly A Divide" In Florida Over Gun Policy

Apr 5, 2013

Sen. Chris Smith says most people like the Stand Your Ground law until they learn more about it.
Credit Jordan Michael/WLRN

Results from a Quinnipiac University poll last month show Florida voters like the idea of universal background checks for gun buyers.

They also like the state’s “Stand Your Ground” law.

Senate Minority Leader Chris Smith, D-Fort Lauderdale, isn't surprised by either of those results.

Smith filed a bill that would make changes to the state's Stand Your Ground self-defense law. But no hearings have been scheduled for lawmakers to consider it.

Smith said there is a split between North Florida and South Florida when it comes to views about gun policy.

“There is clearly a divide from the type of emails and comments I get from those from, say, south of Fort Pierce and those north of Fort Pierce,” Smith said. “So just from my unscientific poll of my inbox, I clearly see a divide when it comes to the state of Florida.”

We sat with Smith to hear his thoughts about about the North-South divide when it comes to guns, and the change he wants to Stand Your Ground.