The Sunshine Economy: South Florida Voters Reflect One Year After The Presidential Election

Dec 18, 2017

It’s just over a year since Florida helped deliver the presidency to Donald Trump. The feelings among voters still range from anxious to excited, disgusted to “we got what we voted for.”


Last year before and after the election WLRN spoke with a group of South Florida voters to hear their hopes and fears about the historic event. We caught up with a half dozen of those voters a year later to listen to what the past year has been like for them and how they’ve experienced the first year of the Trump administration.


These voters include full-time employees and a part-time worker, a retiree and a business owner. Parents, husbands, wives. They are black and white and Hispanic. Men and women. Baby boomers and Generation Xers. Trump voters and Clinton voters.

All have experienced the anticipation, the anxiety, even the tweets, making this an unprecedented year of politics.


Andy Haraldson

Ann Reece

Charles Walter

Lionel Lightbourne

Jim Angleton

Ellen Wacher