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Raquel Coronell Uribe

Spring 2021 Intern

Raquel Coronell Uribe has dreamed of being a journalist since she was six years old, when she lived in her home country of Colombia. Not long after, Raquel’s family had to seek refuge in the United States after her father, who is also a journalist, published an investigation that caused Raquel’s family to receive death threats.

This experience taught Raquel that being a journalist means to be willing to risk it all, just so the truth can be told.

Raquel loves learning about government, new languages, and immigration. As an immigrant herself, she understands the struggles people face when starting anew in a foreign country, as so much of South Florida’s population has done. However, she also understands the role that media plays in validating people’s experiences, sharing the stories of those most marginalized in society, and giving people accurate information so they can make informed decisions.

She is majoring in government at Harvard University, where she is currently a rising junior on a gap year. At college, Raquel has pursued her love of journalism as a staff writer for The Harvard Crimson, the nation’s oldest continuously published daily college newspaper. She has covered the tenure of diplomats and students' experiences at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, and more recently covered the Harvard Police Department and the Cambridge Police Department amid a nationwide reckoning on policing. She also worked at the school’s radio station on Monday mornings at 4 a.m. as a DJ.

When she isn’t working or studying, you can find Raquel learning Japanese, scoping out local coffee shops, trying her hand at different arts and crafts, or hanging out with her dog, Nutella.

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