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This Miamian Explains Why You Should Get Over Your Fear Of Bees

Miami Herald
If your immediate reaction to the sight of a buzzing bee is to flinch, flail or flee, Danielle Bender wants to convert you into a believer.

Bees have struggled for years with Colony Collapse Disorder. And there are all sorts of ideas on how to solve it. They include everything from backyard beehives to filling empty lots in cities with hives - even using robot bees

Earlier this year,  Miami native Danielle Bender won the Miami Foundation's Public Space Challenge. Her plan is to build and expand beehives in public spaces. And she wants to teach people how to overcome their fears of bees. Here's the kicker - when she started the project, she was terrified of bees. We hear more during her interview with Sundial.

  I’m so happy to share the news that Public Hives is a 2017 @miamifoundation Public Space Challenge Winner! This whole project was conceived as a response to their call for ideas that improve public spaces in Miami. Since I officially started mid-July, I’ve hosted 6 guest visits to my own hives as a means to test out what works and what doesn’t when it comes to public programming. I even have hive visits booked through September! (If you’d like to come visit, feel free to DM for an appt) Thank you all for following this project in its infancy. In the coming months I’ll be announcing the expected locations and some really exciting partnerships. I hope you all continue to follow this project as it grows! . . . . #beekeeping #southfloridabeekeeping #PublicHivesnotchives #savethebees #PublicHives #Honeybees #beekeepersofinstagram #honey #bees #honeybee #miami #beesofinstagram #k880 #880cities #miamipublicspacechallenge #publicspacechallenge A post shared by PublicHives (@publichives) on Aug 30, 2017 at 6:44am PDT

  Everybody poops as always, photo by me! . . . . #beekeeping #southfloridabeekeeping #PublicHivesnotchives #savethebees #PublicHives #Honeybees #beekeepersofinstagram #honey #bees #honeybee #miami #beesofinstagram #PollinatorPorn #beepoop #ufhoneybeelab A post shared by PublicHives (@publichives) on Aug 11, 2017 at 7:06am PDT

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