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Win Or Lose Game Seven, This Heat Fan Will Enjoy The Ride

I am a Miamian. Miami is and will always be my hometown. I graduated from Miami Central High School, Miami Dade Junior College and Florida Atlantic University. And basketball is and will always be my favorite sport. My only son is a 23-year-old named Michael Jordan Sheer, which means he got his name before Jordan got any rings.

I loved taking him to the early Heat games at the old Miami Arena and didn’t really care if we won or lost. I cheered almost as enthusiastically in a half-empty arena lower bowl as I do now in the American Airline Arena’s 400-level sections. I know Pat Riley echoed Vince Lombardi that “winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing,” but I respectfully disagree. For me it’s all about a love of the game and the team. My team. Our team, win or lose. I am grateful for the joy this run has brought into my life. Into all our lives.

If we win game seven, I will be on top of the world. I will watch the TV news redundantly for days and will read every word written about the team in The Herald. I can’t wait to attend my third parade downtown.

If we lose, I will find the good in it. What memories. Of the 27-game win streak. Of ESPN becoming the “24/ 7 Heat Station.” Of the “Flight Of The Birdman.” Of the “old” D. Wade becoming the "D.Wade of old" in game four of the finals. The unanimity of thought amongst all the TV talking heads that our LeBron is the best player on the planet (especially after his being attacked by those same people after “The Decision”).

The ups and downs have been exhilarating. You have to enjoy both. The downs set the stage for even greater triumph. I will suffer the negativity of the fools on talk radio. I’ll be waiting for the excitement of next year. To those who say “if not now, never” I say: Be careful of the words you say, keep them short and sweet, you never know from day to day which ones you’ll have to eat.

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