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Investigating Deadly Secrets

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Detectives Vera Stanhope and Jane Tennison are investigating two cases in which suspects will go to any length to keep their secrets hidden.

8pm Friday VERA – Crime Drama
A beauty empire is shaken to the ground when one of three sisters is found dead in the River Tyne. DCI Vera Stanhope investigates.

COLD RIVER - A woman is found dead in the water, after a family party on the River Tyne. The family is convinced that her death was nothing more than a tragic accident, but Vera and Malcolm aren't so sure.

VERA 903

Successful businesswoman Lisa Varsey throws a lavish boat party for her family and friends on the River Tyne. But it goes horribly wrong when her sister Dani is found dead in the water. Lisa has an empire of beauty salons in Newcastle and a caring family in husband, Ross, and sister Sadie. At first the family believe that Dani's death was an accident but DCI Vera Stanhope and pathologist Malcolm Donahue know that the forensics point to murder.

Vera and the team become aware of rumors that Dani could have been in an abusive relationship and questions whether this could have led to her death. But, the investigation takes a turn when evidence points to the fact that something was rotten in another area of Dani's life. Vera begins to believe that Dani was going to expose an unpalatable truth. Vera must unpick the tightly woven threads that hold the family together to discover who killed an innocent woman.

9:30pm PRIME SUSPECT Crime Drama
Assigned to a Vice squad, Detective Jane Tennison investigates a child murder and discovers a sinister link to the police.


KEEPER OF SOULS PT 2 - DCI Tennison and her team gather more information about rent boys which leads to the existence of a possible pedophile ring. Dalton and Jane travel to see young men previously victimized by an Edward Jones. Meanwhile, Ray manages to 'drag' a few of his colleagues into the posh Bowery Club. The vicious procurer, Jimmy Jackson, shows up at the club to attack one of the transvestites, and gets quite the surprise. The name of Asst. Deputy Commissioner John Kennington keeps coming up; every officer with rank, including Jane's former boss, warns Jane to quit the investigation. Even when she pretends she can "cut a deal" with her superiors, political games are not in her DNA. As she wraps up the investigation, Jane makes hard choices, including one where she bargains with the devil, in the form of Smithy, the journalist who played a part in Colin Jenkins' death