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Suicide or A Devious Switcheroo ?


New arrival DI Neville Parker gets more than he bargained for when investigating the mysterious death of a young woman at the unveiling of a luxury timeshare resort.

8pm Tuesday - DEATH IN PARADISE - Crime Drama
After the departure of DI Jack Mooney, a new inspector arrives on the island and it falls to him to investigate an apparent suicide. Neurotic and plagued by allergies and other ailments, DI Neville Parker sets to work.


SWITCHAROO - By declaring the apparent death of resorts billionaire Neil Henderson's electrocuted daughter Tamsin Lewis questionable, Detective Neville Parker accidentally sabotages his own desire to return to Manchester. Tamsin left the firm after discovering mismanagement, which was dominated by her stepmother Joanne. Charlie Lewis, a widower, was on the verge of being dumped because of an affair with his sweetheart Sarah, who admits they broke up. Allergies plague Neville, who is only gets two nights at the murder scene hotel, but extends his stay when his illness worsens although it helps clear the case after working out a surprising accomplice.

Henderson hired hotel porter Jacob Roach to persuade people to sell land for the new resort, including Devon Ambrose, whose body he concealed in his own freezer. Neither Commissioner nor Neville are pleased that he will have to spend weeks rehabilitating in the bungalow, which is suspected of contributing to his ailments, as well as' creepers' like Harry.