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A New Dark Thriller That's Hauntingly Good

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The Woman in White is the latest addition to WLRN's Friday night lineup of crime dramas. When a young man encounters a ghostly woman dressed entirely in white, he becomes entangled in a web of intrigue.

10pm Friday THE WOMAN IN WHITE – Psychological Thriller - When a young man encounters a ghostly woman dressed all in white on a moonlit road, he is drawn into a web of intrigue that will transform his life forever.

The Woman in White

Walter Hartright is a young drawing master who encounters a ghostly woman in a white dress on Hampstead Heath. He offers the mysterious woman his help, and later finds out she escaped from a lunatic asylum. After taking up a teaching position in Cumbria, Walter learns of a chilling connection between the mysterious woman in white and his pupils, Laura Fairlie, portrayed by Olivia Vinall, and Marian Halcombe, portrayed by Jessie Buckley.

Steffan Hill/BBC/Origin Pictures
Anne (Olivia Vinall), the mysterious figure in The Woman in White. Photo: Steffan Hill.

Ben Hardy as the artist Walter Hartright in The Woman in White.

In the premiere episode, young drawing master Walter Hartright encounters a haunting woman dressed in white. He offers to help her, but is surprised to learn she escaped from a mental institution. The next day, Walter leaves London to take up a teaching post with the Fairlie family in the village of Limmeridge, Cumbria. Walter begins to notice a startling resemblance between her and his new pupil, the beautiful Laura Fairlie and is frequently consumed by the eerie sense of being watched.