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A Riveting Story of America's Favorite Apparel


Riveted The History of Jeans takes a fascinating and surprising look at the iconic American garment.

9pm Thursday Riveted The History Of Jeans - Documentary

The fascinating and surprising look at jeans, the iconic American garment. They're more than just a pair of pants because America's tangled past is woven deeply into the deep indigo fabric.

American Experience 3401 Riveted

Riveted: The History of Jeans reveals the fascinating and surprising story of this iconic American garment. At any given moment, half the people on the planet are wearing them. They have become a staple of clothing the world over, worn by everyone from presidents and supermodels to farmers and artists. More than just an item of apparel, America’s tangled past is woven into the indigo blue fabric. From its roots in slavery to its connection to the Wild West, youth culture, the civil rights movement, rock and roll, hippies, high fashion and hip-hop, jeans are the canvas on which the history of American ideology and politics is undeniable.

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