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Bees, Beer and Bikes - There's Never A Dull Moment For This Beekeeper

A Texas beekeeper rescues Africanized honeybees from desperate & dangerous situations.

8pm Sunday CHARLIE BEE COMPANY - Nature
Charlie Bee Company is a show about a wild Texas beekeeper that rescues Africanized honeybees from desperate & dangerous situations, learning more about bees with each new sting he receives.

Every day is a challenge for this bee removal expert who never knows what to expect when meeting an angry hive. Always learning more about bees himself, Charlie and Company bring bee conservation awareness to a global audience.

Charlie Bee Company

BEES, BEER & BIKES - Charlie visits the oldest hardware store in Texas and a local brewery, to check out their honey ale. Then he gets an assist on a removal from his wife, Kaye -- who has an eye for finding queens. Charlie attempts a hot; hive removal at possibly the largest fireplace ever made. This hive is hidden under a good chunk of concrete and stone. But that’s okay; Charlie is here to save the day!

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