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A Look At The Pivotal Moments That Led To WWII

A look at the incredible stories that led to World War II. We investigate what life was like during the Nazi era, from the days before the war was formally declared to the decisive 48 hours that led to the culmination of history's most renowned battles.

8pm Thursday COUNTDOWN TO WAR - Documentary series
This fascinating World War 2 documentary explores the three days leading up to war. On Friday 1st September 1939, Hitler’s Nazi forces invaded Poland. By Sunday morning, Britain had declared war. JJ Chalmers and Raksha Dave visit key locations, meet World War II historians and unearth startling archive material. Just how did ordinary Brits react to the prospect of war?

Countdown To War

Waiting For War - War is imminent. Hitler's Nazi forces are mobilizing. Britain could soon be under attack. How will the British public react as the Second World War looms? We look at the days before war was officially declared. Panic sets in as Britain faces a conflict it is ill prepared for. How could the country ready itself for war with the Nazis?

9pm 48 HOURS TO VICTORY – Documentary series
Historians examine the final 48 hours of three of the most famous battles in history.

Presenter and history enthusiast Dermot O’Leary explores the pivotal 48 hours that led to the conclusion of three of the most famous battles in history: Dunkirk, Somme, and Waterloo.

48 Hours To Victory

48 Hours to Victory delves into the strategies and perspectives on the opposing sides of each conflict that brings them to life. Former Royal Marine Arthur Williams and military historian Lucy Betteridge-Dyson join Dermot O’Leary as they endeavor to understand the turning points of these monumental combat engagements. As Arthur takes the aerial view of the battlegrounds, Lucy dives into the tactics, technologies and resources used by both sides, while Dermot meets experts and gains access to archival information that discovers untold stories in the triumph and tragedy of war. In this episode, we look at the heroic evacuation of Dunkirk, and its impact on the outcome of World War II.

10pm LIVING WITH HITLER - Documentary
Explore how the German population – and those in occupied territories – lived through the Nazi era of 1933 to 1945. The regime, which Hitler established during his time in power, made a more damaging, enduring and controversial mark on Germany and the world than any other.

Living With Hitler

Our Last Hope - Berlin becomes a hub of culture in Europe following World War I, but the Great Depression allows fascism to take hold, as Hitler's grip on power becomes absolute in the 1930s.


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