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Discover History's Greatest Mysteries

Enjoy back to back episodes of award winning PBS documentaries that delve into the world of history and science.

8pm SECRETS OF THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE Documentary - Exploring the mysteries surrounding our planet's most notorious stretch of water between Bermuda, Miami, and Puerto Rico.

Secrets of the Bermuda Triangle

Ships and planes have vanished without a trace in this half-million-square-mile expanse of the Atlantic Ocean and there are plenty of theories as to why. Theories about their disappearance abound; from the plausible to the paranormal, from hurricanes to human error, ghosts to UFOs and sea creatures to time travel. What’s a myth and what could be true?

Explore strange events in the air in the Bermuda Triangle. First, a visit to Florida to trace the fate of five naval aircraft that were lost without a trace in the triangle in 1945. We also find out how the pilots could have suffered from disorientation by taking to the air with an expert flying instructor, and why thunderstorms are a terrible threat to pilots even today.

Flight 19
The disappearance of Flight 19 on December 5, 1945 helped cement the Bermuda Triangle's reputation. Five Navy aircraft flew out of Miami for a routine training flight. The 14 airmen completed half of their training mission but became disoriented, got lost, ignored messages from ground control, and disappeared.

See how life made the leap to land, turning a barren landscape into a lush, green world.

NOVA Ancient Earth: Life Rising

For billions of years, life teemed in the oceans of planet Earth while the land was desolate and inhospitable. So how did life make the leap to land? Scientists explore how some of the earliest life emerged and invaded a barren, rocky landscape, eventually transforming it into a verdant, green world. Gripping visual effects reveal an alien landscape dominated by towering fungi before the arrival of plants. Witness how the first plants made landfall and partnered with fungi to create soil that would sustain them. And discover how, once life emerged on land, it fundamentally altered the very ground it grew on.

10pm SECRETS OF THE DEAD – JURASSIC FORTUNES Documentary - Discover the world of dinosaur collecting, a controversial hobby with a booming market. Hear perspectives on the fossil trade from private collectors, paleontologists, and others, as Big John—the largest Triceratops fossil ever found—is assembled in Italy and auctioned in France.

Secrets of The Dead - Jurassic Fortunes

Some people collect works of art, others collect dinosaurs. These wealthy enthusiasts dream of decorating their homes and offices with T-Rex skeletons, bringing millions of dollars to auction houses to snatch up the bones of the great extinct dinosaurs. A controversial hobby and, above all, a form of speculation which can lead to a lawless "bone rush," paleontologists and museums around the world, already deprived of their subjects of study, are sometimes forced to solicit these new patrons. This film follows the journey of the largest Triceratops fossil ever found.


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