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Experience The Traditions and Culture of Seville Through The Passionate Art Form of Flamenco

Flamenco: Spirit of Seville features the world's most dynamic and acclaimed Flamenco dancers in the city where the art form was born over 500 years ago. Recorded live at the Teatro Flamenco Theatre, its stunning scenery, cultural pomp, and passionate dance combine to create a one-of-a-kind experience.

7pm Sunday November 26 FLAMENCO: SPIRIT OF SEVILLE Performance/Documentary
Experience Seville's traditions and culture through Flamenco, a passionate art form that celebrates Spanish music, song, and dance.

Flamenco: Spirit of Seville

For centuries, thousands of people converge on Seville every Easter week. They celebrate faith, family and friends with those they love. Processions of the Virgin Mary crisscross the streets at all hours, orange blossoms perfume the air, delicious tapas and wine are savored in street side cafes and Flamenco dancers dazzle the thousands of visitors that swell this ancient city.

Flamenco: Spirit of Seville is a one-hour public television pledge special filmed on and around Easter celebration in Seville in conjunction with Seville’s premiere Flamenco Theatre. Recorded live at Teatro Flamenco Theatre, this program includes special guests Manuel Jimenez and Lucia “La Piñona” from Teatro Flamenco Triana.


These artists are among the world’s most vibrant and acclaimed Flamenco dancers in the city where Flamenco was born over 500 years ago. At the same time, the artists take us on journey of impressions of Sevilla’s celebration of faith, family and tradition in that ancient and multi-cultural Andalusian city.


Join us for a journey into the soul of Seville through its music and cultural traditions. Stunning views, cultural pageantry and passionate flamenco mix to create a unique experience for public television viewers.

This program is a production of International Media and Dreamtime Entertainment in association with WLRN Public Media. The producers are Gustavo Sagastume and John Biffar who have earned multiple EMMY awards for their work in performance and documentary specials. Gustavo Sagastume is former Vice President of PBS and produced many “hits” to PBS including Andre Rieu, Celtic Woman, Yanni, David Garrett, The Gipsy Kings and many others music and culture specials from locations around the world.


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